Wealth with Simplicity®

You will have a number of important financial goals across your lifetime – from mitigating taxes to saving for your retirement. Do you know how to manage each of these goals? Our process focuses on taking a comprehensive look at your financial goals and needs. Together, we will simplify the steps you need to take to work toward your financial dreams. We will be with you the entire way, as your coach and your advisor.


Finding someone that you can trust, who understands you and your needs, is key to investing. We believe that we can serve you best when we spend time at the beginning of the process listening to your story and defining your objectives. We will take a comprehensive look at your financial life, where you are and where you are going. As part of this step, we will also make a Mutual Commitment to working together and putting your plan in place.


After we get to know you and your goals, we will analyze your financial situation. Our team will take a comprehensive inventory of your finances, laying out the strengths and weaknesses of your current position, and identifying potential gaps. Our focus will be on determining how your finances align with your goals and objectives.


Now that our team has gotten to know your needs, and have combed through your finances to analyze how they can support your future, we will develop a long-term plan. This is a collaborative process where we will draft an outline of how we can help you toward your goals, making edits and adjustments based on your guidance. At this point in the process, we believe it is important to draw on our relationship built over the past meetings and dialogue. We will look for your open, honest, and critical feedback. It is important that we set and uphold expectations.


Together, we will implement your plan. We will work alongside you to make the investment recommendations we identified. Our team also has relationships with other professionals, helping us address non-investment financial priorities that we laid out in our plan. We will also provide you with an Investment Policy Statement (IPS), which documents what we have agreed to and assigns responsibility and accountability.


Life is ever-changing, and your plan will likely need adjustments. We will continue to meet, to understand how your goals change and evolve. Our team will rebalance your portfolio periodically, helping to control the level of risk you carry.

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