Epidemic and Bring Back the Economy: The Next Steps

APRIL 3, 2020
By Sumner La Croix and Tim Brown

In our first policy brief (uhero.hawaii.edu, 25 March 2020), we sketched out a possible plan for control of the novel coronavirus in Hawaii. The plan is loosely based on the successful responses to date in places like Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan and considers the current state of the epidemic in Hawaii and our unique geographical isolation. It has four steps: 1) stem the influx of new infections; 2) rapidly slow the spread of the epidemic in the local population; 3) conduct comprehensive testing of those with symptoms and at elevated risk, proactively trace contacts of all cases, and isolate those who have been exposed or are infected; and 4) based on active monitoring of the testing done, set triggers to reimpose shelter-inplace orders if the epidemic resurges.  Access entire article here.

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