Happy Labor Day! As you know, this holiday is for celebrating the Labor Movement and the contributions workers have made to our nation’s history. But in recent years, as our society has grown ever more automated and modernized, I sometimes think we forget how important labor still is.

Each month seems to bring new stories about the latest innovations in artificial intelligence, robotics, or digital technology. But there are so many things we could not function without – things we often take for granted – that wouldn’t exist without laborers.

As a financial advisor, I work a white-collar job. Every day I rely on computers to do what I do best. And yet, I could not perform my job without labor. The roads I drive on to get to work are made by laborers. The food I eat is grown, harvested, and prepared by laborers. The clothes on my back, the shoes on my feet, the roof I live under – it’s all thanks to hard work and no small amount of skill.

Laborers harness the power of the Earth, the sun, the wind, and the oceans to provide the energy we consume each day. They mine the elements that go into everything from streetlights to the smartphone in my pocket. They build, repair, and reuse. Laborers keep our cities clean and functioning smoothly. They even plant the trees we rely on both for oxygen and for natural beauty! We often don’t notice them, because they work behind the scenes, or at night, or even in faraway lands. But the fact remains that we still rely on the sweat and skill of workers around the world.

As another Labor Day rolls around, it’s important to remember that. It’s important to be grateful for the things we take for granted.  It’s important to remember that many laborers still work backbreaking jobs, in harsh working conditions, for very little pay. It’s important to remember that the labor movement – the cause to ensure workers are treated fairly, safely, and humanely – is still going on today. So, while we celebrate another Labor Day, let’s remember how important labor is and always will be. Our civilization would be nothing without it.

On behalf of everyone here at CMR Financial Advisors, Inc I wish you a safe and happy Labor Day!